Stephen Duncan

Stephen Duncan

Stephen Duncan MSc CMTA2 FDN
Owner, Executive Health Coach

Stephen’s passion and energy for his work ensure that you receive the best possible support to achieve your health, fitness, and mental and physical goals. You need to meet him to understand fully how much he cares about his work and his clients; you will soon realise that he is more than just another personal trainer.

Stephen’s experience includes:

• A BSc Hons degree in Developmental Biology, during which time he studied physiology, anatomy and human development, so he has a thorough understanding of how you function.

• An MSc in Coaching Studies – he honed his skills understanding how to develop long-term training programs and implementing support services such as massage and physiotherapy to maximise each sessions’ value.

• Several specialised courses run by Paul Chek Seminars covering subjects such as scientific core conditioning and lower-back training to help further personalise the advice he offers.

• A certified Advanced Metabolic Typing™ Advisor – the only level 2 advisor in Scotland. Stephen will work with you to individualise your diet, encouraging you to eat the foods your body currently needs.

• A certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition™ Advisor – the only trainer in Scotland qualified to use a specific series of scientific assessments (simple non-invasive testing of the saliva and hair, for example) to understand your health complaints and identify your hidden internal stressors.

“Almost twenty years of working one-on-one with people and finding out exactly what works and what doesn’t lead to the development of the Balanced Fitness system. Each client is asked to complete simple but informative questionnaires. These show us where your strengths and weaknesses lie in terms of health, nutrition and lifestyle,” explains Stephen. “This information is used as a baseline to guide the route forward. We then arrange a consultation to discuss your goals and incorporate our findings into an initial assessment. This will focus upon key factors such as posture, how you breathe, how you move, which muscles are tight or weak and whether your muscles and stomach work as they should. We will also be able to identify whether you need to be referred to our other services to help specific aspects of how you function.”

“This is a whole-body approach to building health. At Balanced Fitness we don’t just get you fit, or just remove your pain, we don’t just tell you what to eat, or just focus on your symptoms; we treat you as a whole person and use all our skills to get to the root of your health concerns, considering all the facts.