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” It feels like I'm going to the gym 7 days a week and not shifting any notable weight!”

“I never seem to have the energy at the end of the day to do anything else let alone going to the gym”

“I eat so healthy, lose weight but it comes back on fast and I have very little energy”

“I don’t have time to train all the time”

“Exercise is so boring. I hate going to the gym”

our approach

Well, in a moment I’m going to explain AND give you the solutions to these very common obstacles faced on the path of health and fitness.

Personal Training Edinburgh

We at Balanced Fitness have heard these very common obstacles that the majority of sociality have experience at some point.

Not only have we heard these obstacles, but both Stephen and I have gone through a very similar journey tasting first hand, all those “bumps on the road” that you will face or have probably already felt on your path to health and fitness

However, the only difference is, that we have dedicated our 40years of collective experience to fine tune, test and develop our unique, successful and attainable approach to health and fitness.

Our approach has taking us both around the World, coaching this very personalized method to health and fitness.

And when I say “personalized method” I really mean, its specific to your needs. WE do NOT give a standard program to everyone, because they don’t work! BUT, I will explain more shortly.

At home, here in sunny Edinburgh, Scotland we have our dedicated Health Centre and Gym with a strong consistently evolving Team of health Professional.

I get a lot of inspiration from our Team; each team member, loves the field they practice in. Everyone is constantly growing, developing and refining the tools to further their trade. For me, “these are the type of people I want to work with and I feel you would want to treated and trained by.”

how do we personalise your program?

Did you know that FOOD and EXERCISE changes our Nervous System function?

Let me explain: Specific Meals can leave some of us feeling lethargic and others hyperactive!

So you and I could eat the EXACT same meal, but our bodies will react COMPLETELY different! We could both have steak, spinach, and mushrooms with butter!

I would be feeling like Superman!! And you may lose mental focus and concentration.

The same applies to exercises! I’m sure you will have noticed that there are times when you go to the gym and you feel like you lift your strength in the office!

Or after you finished training you felt completely wiped out! Drained.

Personal Training Edinburgh

“but I trained some much better yesterday”

This INFORMATION tells us that we all require different nutrition to re-balance our system.

And CORRECT EXERCISES at the correct time to re-balance your system

So, there is NO ‘one size fits all’ kind of DIET! That, we were all previously led to believe.

There is NO one secret Nutritional formula that fits everyone!

There is NO MAGIC WORKOUT that will let you lose weight in days!!

how do we personalise your program?

You NEED to understand how YOU’RE Personal System Functions.

And actually NOT finding this all out soon, eating and incorrect training IS potentially LIFE threatening. Sounds dramatic, I know! But when you hear what I’m about to share, you too will understand why I am saying this.

how we work

Think of your body as being like a large City that has millions of citizens, with a police force, fire department, local authorities, multiple communities, shops etc.

The activities of the City all fall under the direction and control of only a handful of authorities.

Your metabolism works in a similar fashion.

When I say Metabolism: I’m referring to the sum total of all Physiological and Biochemical reactions that take place in your body in order to sustain life.

Personal Training Edinburgh

Although hundreds of thousands of biochemical reactions take place in your body on a daily basis, they all fall under the regulation of only a few; Fundamental Homeostatic Controls (FHC).

An FHC is just a system within your metabolism that keeps the checks and balances on how you create and use energy.

How you create and keep balance, each plays their part in building and maintaining YOUR optimal health.

Each FHC is dualistic in nature meaning it has a left and a right, a yin and a yang, up and a down, or fast or slow.

OUR AIM is to tune into your way of balancing.

We have 2 primary or dominant FHC's which are known as; The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and The Oxidative System. (OS)

the autonomic nervous system

The ANS, referred to as the master regulator of metabolism, has two divisions:

1. The Sympathetic

2. The Parasympathetic

Each works in opposition to the other, yet they work together to maintain a homeostasis (metabolic balance and efficiency).

For example, Sympathetic nervous stimulation speeds the heart rate, while Parasympathetic stimulation slows the heart rate.

Together, the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic divisions work to maintain the proper heart rate, as well as the functioning of all the various organs and glands.

Certain organs are "switched on" by the Sympathetic and "switched off" by the Parasympathetic, while other organs are "switched on" by the Parasympathetic and "switched off" by the Sympathetic.

Some people have inherited stronger organs and glands that are stimulated by the Sympathetic division.

These are known as the Sympathetic Dominant Metabolic Types.

autonomic nervous system, parasympathetic division, sympathetic division, balanced fitness edinburgh, Personal Training Edinburgh

Other people have inherited greater strength overall in the Parasympathetic organs and glands, and are thus known as Parasympathetic Dominant Metabolic Types.

In those whose organs and glands are relatively balanced between Sympathetic and Parasympathetic influences, the term, ‘Balanced Dominants’ is used to describe their Metabolic Type.

oxidative system

We can be classified according to three basic groups:

1. Fast Oxidizers

2. Slow Oxidizers

3. Mixed Oxidizers

Fast Oxidizers

Burn through the nutrients in their food very rapidly, with the consequence that the carb content is broken down to glucose and released into the blood almost at once.

This sudden increase in blood sugar triggers a rapid release of large amounts of insulin to clean away excess sugar, which is stored as fat in your cells. The more carb content in your food, the more energy will be available to your body right away, and the greater the chance that it will not be needed and get stored as fat.

Insulin is a quick and effective blood-cleaner, and the dramatic leaps and falls in blood sugar levels that result from fast oxidation lead to the ‘sugar crash’ effect. For a Fast Oxidizer, foods with high carb ratios cause fatigue and carb cravings, as well as promote fat storage.

Fast Oxidizers should eat foods with more proteins and fats, in order to slow down their rate of oxidation and insulin release, and to better promote stable blood sugar and sustained energy levels.

Slow Oxidizers

Burn through the nutrients in their food slowly and do not release the glucose from carbohydrates into the blood quickly enough. This means that they do not get converted into glucose, and energy production and availability is delayed.

A Slow Oxidizer should eat foods with higher ratios of carbs, since protein and fat slow the rate of oxidation and energy production even further.

Mixed Oxidizers

Fall right in between the two. They require foods that have equal quantities of protein, fat, and carbs in order to optimally process, produce, and use the energy from their food.

Personal Training Edinburgh, metabolic type table
how do you find your personalised training approach

So, we now know, that the more you understand how your system functions, the CLEARER and more efficient your path towards health and Fitness equilibrium will be.

And Once you find this health and fitness equilibrium you will EFFORTLESSLY:

Lose Weight

Speed up Recover

Dissolve Illnesses

Accelerate Performance

So if you’re going to the gym 7 days without shifting a pound, then this is a MUST FOR YOU

And if, at the end of your working day, you find yourself lacking energy, so that going to the gym is the last thing on your mind, then THIS IS FOR YOU!

If you eat what you believe to be “healthy” and you’re not shifting any weight with all that effort, then this is FOR YOU!

Exercising needs to be done like you’re a kid again, you must begin to see exercising, as if you’re playing!

NOT, like I MUST do it to lose weight, or to get fit.

And I guarantee, here at balanced fitness you will have NEVER experiencing this method of personal training before!

IT will NOT feel like Personal training; you will get RESULTS quicker and longer lasting than you have ever had BEFORE. Complete Personalized Personal Training Edinburgh.

we have 3 powerful programs for you to choose from

6 Week Balanced Fundamentals:

Our 6 week balanced fundamentals programme is a fantastic starter for your functional health and fitness. 12 personal training sessions, personalised nutrition assessment.....

12 Week Balance Accelerator:

Our 12 week balanced accelerator programme is similar to the fundamentals, BUT will 1 added powerful detail. Hormone lab test.   An imbalance in our hormones is the 1 ONE villain that hinders 90% of the population. 

Executive balance. Know yourself.

The Executive Balance, is our full immersion programme. There is no other programme on the market that will give you as must knowledge and personal health and fitness progression than this programme.  

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