Performance Mindset: The Flow State Edinburgh

The Flow State Edinburgh

flow state edinburgh

With 7 decades of research on this optimal performance state. Flow has consistently proven to dramatically enhance our abilities. Studies have shown that when you're in the Flow State you have the capacity to activate up to a 200% boost in creativity, 490% increase in learning speed and 500% in productivity.

This research underlines the strength we potentially have to active huge changes in our lives.

Learning to trigger the flow state and train from that point will accelerate your health, fitness and personal goals. Used by Athletes, artists, business executives and pretty much all top performers this is the go to state for not only enhancing your current health and fitness but to overcome barriers to really excel in your life.

In the Flow State, our brain waves are in the Alpha Theta Bridge opening us up to a Transient Hypofrontality. This is where our pre-frontal cortex of our brain temporarily shuts down, allowing us to fully excel in our task at hand. During this process, our bodies release a combination for performance enhancing neurotransmitters and hormones. Norepinephrine and dopamine tighten our focus and draws our attention into the deep now. Endorphins and Anandamide give us the ability to dissolve away distress and pain, simultaneously Anandamide boosts our lateral thinking, allowing us to solve problems in a creative way. And oxytocin and serotonin give “glow affect” peace, sociability and the feeling of well-being.

Wilson uses a blend of personally tailored physically and mental exercises to train the flow state. These exercises are unique to your personal level. And will consistently evolve according to your progression. The exercises are paired with a 4% increase to the challenge and a 4% increase to your ability giving you a progressive balanced approach to health and fitness.

Wilson is the creator of this method of training the flow state and has been successfully teaching worldwide for a number of years.

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