Functional Training

You've probably already heard that we must exercise in order to improve our health and lives. But we all know that it is easier said than done. Most of us dreaded exercising because we often feel tired, sluggish, and sore all over. We often define exercising as something intensive, tiring, and exhausting.

We felt like we're being punished for being unhealthy. But, exercising doesn't have to be that much of a penitence, you know? Far from it! You can make exercising a light and enjoyable activity! How? The answer is through functional training.

What is Functional Training?

Functional training is designed to train your muscles to coordinate together and to prepare yourself in doing daily tasks. Functional training promotes core stability to help you accomplish everyday activities like playing sports, carrying groceries, or picking up and carrying objects around your home. Functional training is practical and can be used in your everyday lives.

Functional Training Exercises:

1. Squats - The squat is a functional exercise where it trains your muscles to contract as you rise up and down, or pick up low objects. It also helps strengthen your lower body and improves your athletic posture.

You can apply this exercise in real life situations like jumping and pushing.

2. Deadlift - along with squats, a deadlift is also essential to strengthen all your pulling muscles. It also has the same real-life situation application with squats.

3. Power Clean - It helps extend your hips, knees, and ankles are pivotal in applying force. Its real-life applications involve jumping and standing up fast.

4. Overhead Press - It helps build your upper-body and fortify your core strength. You can apply this exercise when doing some pushing and throwing activities.

5. Chin Up - It helps to build your upper body strength. It can be applied when you're climbing, dragging, and wrestling.


Exercise is necessary in order for us to have a fitter, stronger body and healthier life. But it doesn't mean to be brutal and exhausting. With the help of functional training, you'll get to enjoy exercising while maintaining a healthier body and improving your daily life activities.