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The first thing you need to know about building your health is to know what fitness is. Yes, must have read or heard fitness a million times already, but do we really know what it is? Basically, fitness is an overall state of health and well-being and more precisely our ability to perform aspects of our daily activities, sports, and livelihood. When we build and improve our fitness, we can expect a better health. It is only achieved if we follow appropriate nutrition, regular physical exercise, and adequate rest. There are five important aspects of Fitness that we need to look after too; these are breathing, posture, technique, intensity and specificity.


Whenever we exercise or workout, proper breathing is always important. It is the first exercise that we need to do every day. Not everyone knows that abdominal breathing is the most effective way to do it. Abdominal breathing also helps our deep abdominal muscles get the exercise they need. This also helps in keeping our abdominal walls flat. The more oxygen we breathe the more fat we can burn when we do our workout.

Not only does proper breathing allows us to do more exercise, it gives us a better range of motion while we workout. It also helps lessen stress, since our bodies when under stress, slows down our metabolism and stores more fat. Proper breathing allows our body to function better and relaxes it.


It is important that we practice proper posture. We can define it as the same position, regardless if we stand or sit. But if our posture is improper, we move in a dysfunctional or faulty manner. We may not realize this, but poor posture can lead to faulty breathing. Good posture also boosts our self-confidence. People will notice the difference on you if you practice proper posture.

Proper posture also helps us to breathe correctly. And it improves our blood circulation and digestion. If our posture is good it allows the internal organs in the abdomen to be in their natural position without unnecessary compression, which interferes with the normal flow and function or the gastrointestinal apparatus.


When we do a specific workout or exercise, we learn a new technique. If we have a poor posture this can result into a poor technique. Our bodies learn the exercise and not the muscles. An average person needs to repeat the exercise or workout 350-500 times to learn it and it takes 5000 repetitions to unlearn it. When learning an exercise, do it correctly and then increase it gradually.

Improper techniques on doing workouts or exercise can have energy saving as the result. This happens because our body’s energy is not utilized because of the wrong way of doing a workout. It can also have negative consequences on our muscles and joints. Bad technique can also cause tissue breakdown, pain, lower metabolism and because it saves energy that we need to use for our workout, this can result to less endurance and workouts that can possibly lead to more weight gain.


If we suffer from stress, we need to avoid doing high-stress exercise. High intensity, but quick workouts are not easy but they have less stress on them. If you’re dealing with stress you can also opt for a longer duration for your workouts.

Training intensely with progressive overload along will produce more stress on our muscles that allow them to adapt and grow and strengthen them. Intensity is both mental and physical. You need to feel the repetition of the exercise, the range of motion and the stress on your muscles. Good results on your body will not show if you do exercise just to get it done.


There are specific workouts or exercise that we need to do for our specific needs. For example, if you want to run a marathon, you can do long duration workouts, these may be aerobic or anaerobic. Aerobic exercises are less intense but it last longer. Anaerobic is more intense but the effect doesn’t last long. For bigger muscles, weight lifting is for you. It should be done often but not for long durations.

Thru specificity we exercise our body in a specific way. Not all workouts are applicable for everyone, so we have to follow those applicable to our body and our goals.

Fitness is not how many miles we can run or how heavy we can life. It involves specific factors that can affect our body and our overall fitness. We may not notice these but it is essential for us. A bad posture may lead to poor breathing, while high-intensity exercise may lead to injuries. These things that we take for granted are important for us to get fit.