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“Some time ago, I decided that I would become a vegetarian. I bought an expensive juicer, and religiously juiced carrots, apples, beetroot, etc EVERY day. I did Astanga yoga 3 times a week and other forms of exercise, and thought I was doing all the right things to lose weight and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I had had a few problems with pain in my lower back and after some time, had to stop yoga as it seemed to exacerbate the problem. I did all this because I was losing a battle with gaining weight and feeling miserable about my body which seemed to regularly break down with pulled muscles etc.

Then I met up with Stephen, and after a thorough Q and A session, decided to try Metabolic Typing along with personal training sessions. I was relieved when I was told which Metabolic Type I am and went from a veggie/juice diet back to eating protein and combining it with all the other suggested foods. The personal training sessions helped me a lot and especially enjoyed the PowerPlate! I found out what core muscles are, and that has helped enormously with my back problem!

I have now lost over 6 kilos and am able to maintain my new weight without struggling to do so. The other marvellous thing is that I have lost cellulite which I was smitten with – who would have thought?”


My bum and tummy muscles are now tight by taking the time to get things done the right way. I also appreciate that more and more exercise and less and less calories are another waste of time.

Stephen put me through the Metabolic Typing® nutrition system and I now know I need fat and I know I need to eat often. But I also know that if life gets in the way and I miss a workout I know how to eat to make the most of my time and when I do get to workout I can make the most of it. This way I get far less stressed and can much more easily stay on track. Stephen always says that there is a balance to be struck between fitness and nutrition and his system has helped me really get that.”


I have now lost over 6Kilos and am able to maintain my weight without struggling to do so


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