Digestive Infection – Stool


The digestive system is the frontline in getting the optimal nutrition our body needs. It is where the absorption of nutrients takes place before they are transported all over our body. If our digestive system is not working properly as they should be, chances are, our health will start to depreciate. Having a bad digestive tract (or gut health) also triggers diseases like inflammation, metabolism, and other medical conditions.

If you suspect something is wrong with your gut flora, better take the stool test now. A stool test can help you identify the bacteria that cause infections in your lower digestive tract. It can offer a comprehensive stool analysis on the following:

stool test
  • Parameters for digestion & absorption

  • Cultures for bacteria and yeast

  • Parasite testing

  • Sensitivity panels

  • Inflammatory markers

  • Stool metabolic markers

  • Infectious pathogens