C Wilson Meloncelli

c wilson meloncelli, flow state athletic trainer

C Wilson Meloncelli 

Flow State Trainer, Performance Coach and Personal Trainer. An International Trainer of Professional Athletes, Ex British Champion in MMA and an Author.  Wilson, travels teaching and speaking on the subject of the Flow State and has become one of the worlds front runners in the field of flow. 

Wilson is the creator of a method of training to triggering clients into the Flow State. The Flow State which is now Scientifically proven to be the cause of all giant leaps in the athletic world and now the business worlds too. The Flow State is also commonly known as the Zone.

"In the flow state begins with the release of norepinephrine and dopamine. Raising the heart rate, tighten focus, improving our pattern recognition. Our brain waves move from beta towards alpha giving us the ability to link ideas without internal obstructions and filters blocking our flow. Our pre-frontal cortex at this point begins to shut down giving us the sense of time distorting, effortlessness and the self-dissolving into the task. We are in a transient hypofrontality, where our inner critic has also shut up, opening us to our full potential. Our brain then releases endorphins and anandamide giving us the ability to dissolve away distress and pain. Simultaneously, anandamide boosts our lateral thinking, allowing us to solve problems in an indirect and creative way. As we flow deeper in, theta enhancing relaxation and our intuition. Concluding the experience we have are oxytocin and serotonin giving us the “afterglow” feeling of trust, peace, sociability and well-being as we begin to digest the experience we have just been experienced.​"

Studies carried out over the past 7 decades have all consistently shown that flow dramatically accelerators performance.  200% creativity boost. 490% increase in learning speed and 500% improvement in productivity. 

Wilson uses his experience and knowledge to trigger the flow state in clients to open them to there full potential.  "your full potential sits, in trigger the flow state"

His additional background includes. Martial Art instructor in Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial Arts, Silat, Muay Thai and a Purple belt in Brazilian Jujitsu. Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming Hypnotherapy, Ireca Energy Practitioner, Pilates teacher, Strength & Conditioning coach. And has been in the health and fitness industry for almost 22 years.