Thank You MT Questionnaire


Thank You For Taking the 1st Step Towards A Life In Balanced

How to get started

Now that you are ready to take the Healthexcel Advanced Metabolic Typing® online questionnaire, you will need to carry out the following:

1. Log onto

2. Enter all details as requested.

You will be requested to enter my name (Stephen Duncan), email address ( and my advisor number (SD953).

3. Answer each question as honestly as possible and not what you believe to be the healthy option. This will enable you to achieve results in the quickest possible time. Take your time answering the questions and if you are not sure of an answer, you may need to try something to see how you feel, e.g. how you feel after drinking a glass of orange juice. For some questions it may be appropriate to ask a family member for opinions. Often your first instinct in answering a question maybe the right one.

4. HealthExcel is looking for your tendencies, not a super-exact description of what you are like.

5. Remember that taking the questionnaire is a learning process to know more about you, the unique person that you are. This may take time and patience. Most of us do not observe ourselves very often. The better you are at observing and understanding yourself, the better you will do with Metabolic Typing®.

6. It is wise to make a copy of your questionnaire before you submit it. You are doing this in case the submittal process does not work and you may also want to have a copy for future use. Just follow exactly the step-by-step instructions at the end of the questionnaire.

7. Once you have completed all the questions, press the ‘Submit’ button to send your answers to Healthexcel for analysis.

8. Once the questions have been analysed, I will send the results to you via email. You should receive your Advanced Metabolic Typing results, your Diet Plan and an article Using Your Diet Plan in 2-4 days. When you receive your

results, we can arrange a time for your Metabolic Typing® Results session if not already scheduled.

9. Sessions are normally performed face to face, but they can be performed via telephone or via Skype. If calling please call 0131 226 4217. If using Skype ( my Skype address is ‘balancedfitness1’.

10. Consultations normally start with a 60 minute results session and follow up coaching sessions of 30 minutes approximately every 2 weeks.

11. Should you have any general questions about the advanced test, please email me or call me on either of the numbers below.


35-37 North West Circus Place

Edinburgh EH3 6TW

0131 226 4217